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Must Read

Free Shipping and Tracking Policy

1.Free Shipping - When can i receive my parcel?

By using Free Shipping, it will take at least 10-21 working days to arrive to destination. 

2. Free Shipping-Where is my tracking number?

If you choose to use Free Shipping, the tracking number will send to us by the shipping company after 1 week. Therefore, we are afraid that we could not provide tracking number immediately after the shipment is send. We will email you the tracking number once we get the tracking number from shipping company.

3. Free Shipping - what is the tracking website?

Please check on the above link, and search for your country from "Local Post Office - Online Tracking" link at the right hand side.
Please click in the country you live in accordingly to track for the parcel.

4. Free Shipping - Why the tracking number does not appear in the local post office website?

It is because the local post office website tracking system is not updated their tracking system that quickly, please be patience as the tracking system will takes up to 1-2 weeks to see the tracking results.

Thank you for your patience for the Free Shipping issues, we sincerely hope that if you need your items urgently please do use DHL Express as this shipment by DHL Express will arrive to you in 4-5 working days and it is "tracking friendly" too.