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How to Buy



 STEP 1 

 Choose your desired style. Select your color and prescription for both eyes. If you have perfect eye sight and don't need prescription, just choose -0.00 for both eyes. The price is listed for 1pair of lens. If you wish to purchase 1 pair, select quantity "1" to place order. Likewise, select "2" for 2 pairs of lens. After that, click "ADD TO CART". 



 STEP 2 





 STEP 3 


You can process your order directly by click in "Purchase without login".

Or choose "New Register" to proceed. It is highly recommended to choose this option because your account will have your billing and shipping address saved. So you will not have to re-enter the details when ordering again. 



 STEP 4 


Please fill up the consignee information and click "Shipping address".


 STEP 5 

Now you will see a summary of your order, choose your Shipping Method and Payment Method. Kindly please list out your free lens if your order is under promotion. After that, just click "SUBMIT ORDER", it'll take you to iPay88 Secure Payment Page (Online Transfer). 



 STEP 6  

Click "Pay Now via IPAY88", it will bring you to  iPay88 Secure Payment Page (Online Transfer). 





  STEP 7  

Click "Proceed" to start online transfer.


 STEP 8  


Select your bank.


 STEP 9  


Key in your email address and click "Agree and Continue"


 STEP 10  


There will link directly to bank website.